Chombo + EB  3.0
LSProblem< dim > Member List

This is the complete list of members for LSProblem< dim >, including all inherited members.

allocArray(const int &a_rows, const int &a_cols, Real **&a_A)LSProblem< dim >private
computeBounds(const IndexTM< Real, dim > &a_dx, const CutCellMoments< dim > &a_ccm)LSProblem< dim >
differentiate(int &a_coeff, IvDim &a_Dmono, int &a_idir, const IvDim &a_mono)LSProblem< dim >private
factorial(const int &a_n, const int &a_m=0)LSProblem< dim >private
fillMap(PthMomentLoc &a_monoLoc, LocPthMoment &a_locMono, const int &a_degree)LSProblem< dim >private
freeArray(const int &a_rows, const int &a_cols, Real **&a_A)LSProblem< dim >private
getDegree()LSProblem< dim >inline
getLocMonomialMapDegreeP() constLSProblem< dim >inline
getMatrix(Real **a_matrix)LSProblem< dim >
getMonomialLocMapDegreeP() constLSProblem< dim >inline
getMonomialLocMapDegreePLess1() constLSProblem< dim >inline
getNumberDegP()LSProblem< dim >inline
getNumberDegPLess1()LSProblem< dim >inline
getOrderAccuracy()LSProblem< dim >inline
getRhs(Vector< Real > &a_rhs)LSProblem< dim >
getUnknown(int loc)LSProblem< dim >inline
getUnknowns(Vector< Real > &a_unknown)LSProblem< dim >
invertNormalEq(const Vector< Real > &a_rhs, Vector< Real > &a_residual)LSProblem< dim >
IvDim typedefLSProblem< dim >private
LocPthMoment typedefLSProblem< dim >private
LSProblem(const int &a_degreeP, const bool &a_useConstraints)LSProblem< dim >
LSProblem(const int &a_orderAccuracy, const int &a_degreeP, const bool &a_useConstraints, const IndexTM< Real, dim > &a_normal)LSProblem< dim >
m_degreePLSProblem< dim >private
m_locMonoPLSProblem< dim >private
m_locMonoPLess1LSProblem< dim >private
m_lowerBoundLSProblem< dim >private
m_matrixLSProblem< dim >private
m_monoLocPLSProblem< dim >private
m_monoLocPLess1LSProblem< dim >private
m_normalLSProblem< dim >private
m_numActiveBoundsLSProblem< dim >private
m_numPLSProblem< dim >private
m_numPLess1LSProblem< dim >private
m_orderLSProblem< dim >private
m_rhsLSProblem< dim >private
m_unknownsLSProblem< dim >private
m_upperBoundLSProblem< dim >private
m_useConstraintsLSProblem< dim >private
momentBounds(Real &a_lobnd, Real &a_hibnd, const IvDim &a_mono, const IFData< dim > &a_ifData)LSProblem< dim >private
monoMaxMin(Real &a_maxVal, Real &a_minVal, const IndexTM< int, dim > &a_mono, const IFData< dim > &a_IFData)LSProblem< dim >
nChooseR(int a_n, int a_r)LSProblem< dim >private
numActiveBounds() constLSProblem< dim >inline
numMonomials(const int &a_monoDegree)LSProblem< dim >private
outputBounds() constLSProblem< dim >
outputMatrix() constLSProblem< dim >
outputRhs() constLSProblem< dim >
outputUnknowns() constLSProblem< dim >
print(ostream &a_out) constLSProblem< dim >
PthMomentLoc typedefLSProblem< dim >private
setMatrix()LSProblem< dim >private
setRhs(const Vector< Real > &a_rhs)LSProblem< dim >private
~LSProblem()LSProblem< dim >