Chombo + EB  3.0
PetscSolver< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PetscSolver< T >, including all inherited members.

addBCdiagValue(const IntVect &a_iv, const IntVect &a_jv, const T &a_rhs, DataIterator dit, const Real coeff=1)PetscSolver< T >inlineprotectedvirtual
addBCrhsValue(const IntVect &a_iv, const T &a_phi, DataIterator dit, const Real &coeff=1)PetscSolver< T >inlineprotectedvirtual
applyOp(T &a_phi, const T &a_rhs)PetscSolver< T >
computeResidual()PetscSolver< T >
create_mat_vec(const T &a_phi)PetscSolver< T >protected
define(LinearOp< T > *a_operator, bool a_homogeneous=false)PetscSolver< T >virtual
defineData(T &a_data, const T &a_template)=0PetscSolver< T >pure virtual
destroy()PetscSolver< T >
getNNZPerRow() constPetscSolver< T >inlinevirtual
getRegFab(T &a_fab, DataIterator &dit)=0PetscSolver< T >pure virtual
getRegFab(const T &a_fab, DataIterator &dit) const =0PetscSolver< T >pure virtual
getRegFab(const T &a_fab, DataIterator &dit, Box &a_box) const =0PetscSolver< T >pure virtual
m_bccodePetscSolver< T >protected
m_dxPetscSolver< T >
m_gid0PetscSolver< T >protected
m_gidsPetscSolver< T >protected
m_homogeneousPetscSolver< T >
m_nullPetscSolver< T >protected
m_nz_init_guessPetscSolver< T >protected
PetscSolver()PetscSolver< T >
resetOperator()PetscSolver< T >inlineprotected
setConvergenceMetrics(Real a_metric, Real a_tolerance)LinearSolver< T >inlinevirtual
setHomogeneous(bool a_homogeneous)PetscSolver< T >inlinevirtual
setInitialGuessNonzero(bool b=true)PetscSolver< T >inline
setNull(bool n=true)PetscSolver< T >
setup_solver(const T &a_phi)PetscSolver< T >protected
solve(T &a_phi, const T &a_rhs)PetscSolver< T >virtual
solve_private(T &a_phi, const T &a_rhs)PetscSolver< T >
~LinearSolver()LinearSolver< T >inlinevirtual
~PetscSolver()PetscSolver< T >virtual