Chombo + EB  3.2
ConstrainedLS Member List

This is the complete list of members for ConstrainedLS, including all inherited members.

allocArray(const int &rows, const int &cols, Real **&A)ConstrainedLSprivate
Bound enum nameConstrainedLS
boundsConsistent(const Vector< Real > &a_lowBound, const Vector< Real > &a_hiBound) constConstrainedLS
freeArray(const int &rows, const int &cols, Real **&A)ConstrainedLSprivate
getConstraints() constConstrainedLS
getResidual() constConstrainedLS
INCONSISTENT_BOUNDS enum valueConstrainedLS
LOWER_BOUND enum valueConstrainedLS
LSResult enum nameConstrainedLS
numberActiveConstraints() constConstrainedLS
qrSolution(Real **a_A, Vector< Real > &a_x, Vector< Real > &a_b, Real &resq)ConstrainedLS
SINGULAR enum valueConstrainedLS
solveBoundConstrained(Vector< Real > &a_x, Real **a_A, const Vector< Real > &a_rhs, const Vector< Real > &a_lowerBound, const Vector< Real > &a_upperBound)ConstrainedLS
solveUnconstrained(Vector< Real > &a_x, Real **a_A, const Vector< Real > &a_rhs)ConstrainedLS
SUCCESS enum valueConstrainedLS
UNCONSTRAINED enum valueConstrainedLS
UNCONVERGED enum valueConstrainedLS
UNDERDETERMINED enum valueConstrainedLS
UPPER_BOUND enum valueConstrainedLS