Chombo + EB  3.2
MultiGrid< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MultiGrid< T >, including all inherited members.

clear()MultiGrid< T >
cycle(int a_depth, T &a_correction, const T &a_residual)MultiGrid< T >
define(MGLevelOpFactory< T > &a_factory, LinearSolver< T > *a_bottomSolver, const ProblemDomain &a_domain, int a_maxDepth=-1, MGLevelOp< T > *a_finestLevelOp=NULL)MultiGrid< T >virtual
getAllOperators()MultiGrid< T >
init(const T &a_correction, const T &a_residual)MultiGrid< T >
m_bottomMultiGrid< T >
m_bottomCellsMultiGrid< T >protected
m_bottomSolverMultiGrid< T >
m_correctionMultiGrid< T >protected
m_cycleMultiGrid< T >
m_defaultDepthMultiGrid< T >
m_definedMultiGrid< T >protected
m_depthMultiGrid< T >
m_homogeneousMultiGrid< T >
m_numMGMultiGrid< T >
m_opMultiGrid< T >protected
m_ownOpMultiGrid< T >protected
m_postMultiGrid< T >
m_preMultiGrid< T >
m_residualMultiGrid< T >protected
m_topLevelDomainMultiGrid< T >
MultiGrid()MultiGrid< T >
MultiGrid(const MultiGrid< T > &a_opin)MultiGrid< T >inlineprivate
oneCycle(T &a_e, const T &a_res)MultiGrid< T >virtual
operator=(const MultiGrid< T > &a_opin)MultiGrid< T >inlineprivate
setBottomSolver(LinearSolver< T > *a_bottomSolver)MultiGrid< T >
solve(T &a_phi, const T &a_rhs, Real a_tolerance, int a_maxIterations, int verbosity=0)MultiGrid< T >virtual
~MultiGrid()MultiGrid< T >virtual