Chombo + EB  3.2
NormalDerivative< dim > Member List

This is the complete list of members for NormalDerivative< dim >, including all inherited members.

DerivativeProduct typedefNormalDerivative< dim >
evaluate(const IvDim &a_multiIndex, const int &a_direction, const RvDim &a_point, const IFSlicer< dim > *a_ifSlicer)NormalDerivative< dim >virtual
expand(const IvDim &a_multiIndex, const PartialDerivativeTerm &a_term, const RvDim &a_point, const IFSlicer< dim > *a_ifSlicer) constNormalDerivative< dim >protected
getMagnitudeOfGradient()NormalDerivative< dim >
IvDim typedefNormalDerivative< dim >
m_magnitudeOfGradientNormalDerivative< dim >protected
NormalDerivative()NormalDerivative< dim >
NormalDerivative(const NormalDerivative &a_input)NormalDerivative< dim >inlineprivate
operator=(const NormalDerivative &a_input)NormalDerivative< dim >inlineprivate
PartialDerivativeTerm typedefNormalDerivative< dim >
RvDim typedefNormalDerivative< dim >
~NormalDerivative()NormalDerivative< dim >virtual