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Printer-friendly Docs

  • PDF version of the HDF5 Reference Manual for Release 1.6.1 will be available from the HDF5 website approximately one week after the release.

HDF5 User Documentation
Release 1.6.1, October 2003

An Introduction to HDF5 *
  • An overview of design goals behind the HDF5 library and file format
  • An introduction to HDF5 programming
HDF5 User's Guide
  • A new user's guide, though currently a work in progress
  • This guide will be updated as work progresses; current status will always be posted on the opening page
  • The HDF5 Release 1.4.5 User's Guide remains available, though it has not been updated for the current release
HDF5 Reference Manual *
  • A complete reference manual for the HDF5 APIs
HDF5 Application Developer's Guide
  • Changes since the last release
  • Standards definitions and development guidelines
Fortran90 and C++ APIs *
  • Non-C APIs linked from and incorporated in the HDF5 Reference Manual
HDF5 Glossary *
  • A glossary of terms as they are used in HDF5
HDF5 Tools
  • HDF5 tools, including Java-based tools
  • HDFView, h5dump, h5ls, h5toh4, etc.
HDF5 Tutorial
  • A tutorial introduction to HDF5
    (served from the HDF5 website at NCSA)
Parallel HDF5 Design
  • The design specification of the parallel HDF5 APIs
  • An example program
Parallel HDF5 Implementation
  • The current status of implmentation of the parallel HDF5 APIs

HDF5 Library Development Documentation

HDF5 File Format Specification
  • The complete specification of the HDF5 file format
HDF5 Technical Notes
  • Technical notes for HDF5 library and driver developers
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Last modified: 15 October 2003
Describes HDF5 Release 1.6.1, October 2003

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