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Searchable PDFs
  • PDF versions of selected HDF5 documents

Pre-release Snapshots
HDF5 Tools Documentation
Browser and editor
Excellent choice for a “first look”
  HDF5 Utilities
Command-line tools, conversion utilites, and more

Introducing HDF5
HDF5 Tutorial
Tutorials treating selected HDF5 topics
  Introduction to HDF5
High level overview of using HDF5
HDF5 Glossary

HDF5 Library Documentation
Release 1.8.7, planned for May 2011
HDF5 User’s Guide
Detailed guide covering critical HDF5 features
HDF5 Reference Manual
Detailed C and Fortran90 interface descriptions
High-level HDF5 Interfaces
Light, image, table, packet table, dimension scale
C++ Reference Manual
Java HDF5 Interface

Advanced Topics in HDF5
Detailed information on selected advanced topics
Answers to frequently asked questions about HDF5
HDF5 Software Changes from Release to Release
Specific interface changes for software maintainers
HDF5 Application Developer’s Guide
Development support and guidelines
HDF5 Specifications
Specifications of HDF5 formats and standard representations
HDF5 Technical Notes
Technical notes for HDF5 library and driver developers
HDF5 1.8.x Releases
Moving from 1.6.x to 1.8.x
New Features in HDF5 Release 1.8.0
New features in the Release 1.8.x series
New Features and
Format Compatibility Considerations
Format compatibility issues
API Compatibility Macros in HDF5
Interface compatibility issues


The HDF Group Help Desk:
Describes HDF5 Release 1.8.7, planned for May 2011.
Last modified: 17 February 2011

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