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#include <LevelWaveOperator.H>

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Detailed Description

Level Wave Operator - a class for evaluating the Laplacian.

Public Member Functions

 LevelWaveOperator ()
 Default constructor.
 ~LevelWaveOperator ()
void define (const DisjointBoxLayout &a_thisDisjointBoxLayout, const DisjointBoxLayout &a_coarserDisjointBoxLayout, const ProblemDomain &a_domain, const int &a_refineCoarse, const int &a_numStates, const Real &a_dx, const bool &a_hasCoarser, const bool &a_hasFiner)
 Actual constructor.
void eval (LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_Phi, LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_LOfPhi, LevelFluxRegister &a_finerFluxRegister, LevelFluxRegister &a_coarserFluxRegister, const LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_phiCoarseOld, const Real &a_TCoarseOld, const LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_phiCoarseNew, const Real &a_TCoarseNew, Real a_time, Real a_fluxweight)
 Evaluate the operator at a given time.
void avgdown (LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_Phi, LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_phiCoarse)
 Average down from the fine grid to the coarse grid.

Protected Attributes

bool m_defined
DisjointBoxLayout m_grids
QuadCFInterp m_patcher
Real m_dx
ProblemDomain m_domain
int m_refineCoarse
int m_numFluxes
int m_numGhost
int m_numFields
bool m_hasCoarser
bool m_hasFiner

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const LevelWaveOperator &a_input)
 LevelWaveOperator (const LevelWaveOperator &a_input)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LevelWaveOperator::LevelWaveOperator (  ) 

Default constructor.

Object requires define() to be called before all other functions.

LevelWaveOperator::~LevelWaveOperator (  ) 


Destroys all objects created by define(). Passed in data references of define() are left alone.

LevelWaveOperator::LevelWaveOperator ( const LevelWaveOperator a_input  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

void LevelWaveOperator::define ( const DisjointBoxLayout a_thisDisjointBoxLayout,
const DisjointBoxLayout a_coarserDisjointBoxLayout,
const ProblemDomain a_domain,
const int &  a_refineCoarse,
const int &  a_numStates,
const Real a_dx,
const bool &  a_hasCoarser,
const bool &  a_hasFiner 

Actual constructor.

Inside the routine, we cast away const-ness on the data members for the assignment. The arguments passed in are maintained const (coding standards). a_refine is the refinement ratio between this level and the next coarser level. For the coarsest level, an empty DisjointBoxLayout is passed in for coarserDisjointBoxLayout.

void LevelWaveOperator::eval ( LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_Phi,
LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_LOfPhi,
LevelFluxRegister a_finerFluxRegister,
LevelFluxRegister a_coarserFluxRegister,
const LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_phiCoarseOld,
const Real a_TCoarseOld,
const LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_phiCoarseNew,
const Real a_TCoarseNew,
Real  a_time,
Real  a_fluxweight 

Evaluate the operator at a given time.

For the coarsest level, phiCoarseOld and phiCoarseNew are empty LevelData<FArrayBox> objects. Also, either phiCoarseOld or phiCoarseNew might be empty to indicate that t(nf) = t(nc) the one grid is at the current time and interpolation is not required for boundary condition generation. phi must be defined on the same DisjointBoxLayouts as were used in define(). Coarse flux register is flux register with the next coarser level. Fine flux register is the flux register with the next finer level. To the finer level FR, this level is the coarse level. To the coarser level FR, this level is the fine level.

void LevelWaveOperator::avgdown ( LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_Phi,
LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_phiCoarse 

Average down from the fine grid to the coarse grid.

This operator averages the solution from the fine grid onto the grid at the next coarser AMR level. Our averaging operator given as

phiCoarse = <phi> - h^2 <L(phi)>_2 / 24 .

Here <.> denotes the arithmetic average over the fine cells covered by each coarse cell, L(phi) is the (2*SpaceDim + 1)-point discretization of the Laplacian, with ghost cells set by QuadCFInterp, and <.>_2 is the average over the fine subblock of size 2 located in the center of the coarse cell.

void LevelWaveOperator::operator= ( const LevelWaveOperator a_input  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Data Documentation

bool LevelWaveOperator::m_defined [protected]

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