NoFlowAdvectBC Class Reference

#include <NoFlowAdvectBC.H>

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Detailed Description

sets flux to zero in all cases

Public Member Functions

virtual ~NoFlowAdvectBC ()
 NoFlowAdvectBC (int a_nComp)
void define (const ProblemDomain &a_domain, const RealVect &a_dx)
void fluxBC (EBFluxFAB &a_flux, const EBCellFAB &a_Wcenter, const EBCellFAB &a_Wextrap, const Side::LoHiSide &a_sd, const Real &a_time, const EBISBox &a_ebisBox, const DataIndex &a_dit, const Box &a_box, const Box &a_faceBox, const int &a_dir)
 For every box in this level, this function is called.
void initialize (LevelData< EBCellFAB > &a_conState, const EBISLayout &a_ebisl) const
 Initialize---no op here.
void setBndrySlopes (EBCellFAB &a_deltaPrim, const EBCellFAB &a_primState, const EBISBox &a_ebisBox, const Box &a_box, const int &a_dir)
 Set boundary slopes --no op here.

Protected Attributes

bool m_isDefined
RealVect m_dx
ProblemDomain m_domain
int m_velComp

Private Member Functions

 NoFlowAdvectBC ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual NoFlowAdvectBC::~NoFlowAdvectBC (  )  [virtual]

NoFlowAdvectBC::NoFlowAdvectBC ( int  a_nComp  ) 

NoFlowAdvectBC::NoFlowAdvectBC (  )  [inline, private]

Member Function Documentation

void NoFlowAdvectBC::define ( const ProblemDomain a_domain,
const RealVect a_dx 
) [virtual]

Implements EBPhysIBC.

void NoFlowAdvectBC::fluxBC ( EBFluxFAB a_flux,
const EBCellFAB a_Wcenter,
const EBCellFAB a_Wextrap,
const Side::LoHiSide a_sd,
const Real a_time,
const EBISBox a_ebisBox,
const DataIndex a_dit,
const Box a_box,
const Box a_faceBox,
const int &  a_dir 
) [virtual]

For every box in this level, this function is called.

Implements EBPhysIBC.

void NoFlowAdvectBC::initialize ( LevelData< EBCellFAB > &  a_conState,
const EBISLayout a_ebisl 
) const [virtual]

Initialize---no op here.

Implements EBPhysIBC.

void NoFlowAdvectBC::setBndrySlopes ( EBCellFAB a_deltaPrim,
const EBCellFAB a_primState,
const EBISBox a_ebisBox,
const Box a_box,
const int &  a_dir 
) [inline, virtual]

Set boundary slopes --no op here.

Implements EBPhysIBC.

Member Data Documentation

bool NoFlowAdvectBC::m_isDefined [protected]

int NoFlowAdvectBC::m_velComp [protected]

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