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KDTree.H File Reference
#include <string>
#include "KDStruct.H"
#include "REAL.H"
#include "NamespaceHeader.H"
#include "NamespaceFooter.H"
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#define _KDTREE_H_
#define RESTRICT   __restrict__


KDTreeKDCreate (int const k, int *ierr)
int KDFree (KDTree *tree)
int KDClear (KDTree *tree)
void KDSetGlobalData (KDTree *tree, void *data)
int KDSetGlobalDataDestructor (KDTree *tree, void(*destr)(void *))
void KDGetGlobalData (KDTree *tree, void **data)
int KDSetDataDestructor (KDTree *tree, void(*destr)(void *))
int KDInsert (KDTree *tree, Real const *pos, void *data)
int KDTreeStatistics (KDTree const *tree)
int KDTreePrint (KDTree const *tree)
int KDNodePrint (KDNode const *node, const string &prefix)
int KDSearch (KDTree const *tree, Real const *pos, int *foundFlag)
int KDExhaustiveSearch (KDTree const *tree, Real const *pos, int *numFound)
int KDNearestNeighbor (KDTree const *tree, Real const *const queryPoint, Real *resultPoint, void **resultData, Real *bestDistSquared, int const approx)
int KDBBoxSearch (KDTree const *tree, Real const *RESTRICT xbb, int *pnData, void ***resultData)
KDResultKDNearestRange (KDTree *kd, Real const *query, Real const range, int *ierr)
void KDResultFree (KDResult *set)
int KDResultSize (KDResult const *set)
void KDResultRewind (KDResult *set)
int KDResultEnd (KDResult const *set)
int KDResultNext (KDResult *set)
void * KDResultItem (KDResult const *set, Real *pos)
void * KDResultItemData (KDResult const *set)
int LListInsert (ListHead *head, void *data, Real const key, int const useListIter)
int LListInsertFirst (ListHead *head, void *data, Real const key)
ListHeadLListCreate (int const ordered, int *ierr)
void LListFree (ListHead *head)
int LListSize (ListHead const *head)
void LListRewind (ListHead *head)
int LListIterIsNull (ListHead const *head)
int LListAtLast (ListHead const *head)
int LListNext (ListHead *head)
void * LListItem (ListHead const *head)
Real LListKey (ListHead const *head)
void LListDataDestructor (ListHead *head, void(*destr)(void *))
void LListFinalize (void)
void KDTreeFinalize (void)
void * StackPop (ListHead *head, int *ierr)
int StackPush (ListHead *head, void *data)
void * StackPopWithKey (ListHead *head, Real *key, int *ierr)
int StackPushWithKey (ListHead *head, void *data, Real const key)
ListHeadStackCreate (int *ierr, int const prealloc)
void StackFree (ListHead *head)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _KDTREE_H_
#define RESTRICT   __restrict__

Function Documentation

KDTree* KDCreate ( int const  k,
int *  ierr 
int KDFree ( KDTree tree)
int KDClear ( KDTree tree)
void KDSetGlobalData ( KDTree tree,
void *  data 
int KDSetGlobalDataDestructor ( KDTree tree,
void(*)(void *)  destr 
void KDGetGlobalData ( KDTree tree,
void **  data 
int KDSetDataDestructor ( KDTree tree,
void(*)(void *)  destr 
int KDInsert ( KDTree tree,
Real const *  pos,
void *  data 
int KDTreeStatistics ( KDTree const *  tree)
int KDTreePrint ( KDTree const *  tree)
int KDNodePrint ( KDNode const *  node,
const string &  prefix 
int KDSearch ( KDTree const *  tree,
Real const *  pos,
int *  foundFlag 
int KDExhaustiveSearch ( KDTree const *  tree,
Real const *  pos,
int *  numFound 
int KDNearestNeighbor ( KDTree const *  tree,
Real const *const  queryPoint,
Real resultPoint,
void **  resultData,
Real bestDistSquared,
int const  approx 
int KDBBoxSearch ( KDTree const *  tree,
Real const *RESTRICT  xbb,
int *  pnData,
void ***  resultData 
KDResult* KDNearestRange ( KDTree kd,
Real const *  query,
Real const  range,
int *  ierr 
void KDResultFree ( KDResult set)
int KDResultSize ( KDResult const *  set)
void KDResultRewind ( KDResult set)
int KDResultEnd ( KDResult const *  set)
int KDResultNext ( KDResult set)
void* KDResultItem ( KDResult const *  set,
Real pos 
void* KDResultItemData ( KDResult const *  set)
int LListInsert ( ListHead head,
void *  data,
Real const  key,
int const  useListIter 
int LListInsertFirst ( ListHead head,
void *  data,
Real const  key 
ListHead* LListCreate ( int const  ordered,
int *  ierr 
void LListFree ( ListHead head)
int LListSize ( ListHead const *  head)
void LListRewind ( ListHead head)
int LListIterIsNull ( ListHead const *  head)
int LListAtLast ( ListHead const *  head)
int LListNext ( ListHead head)
void* LListItem ( ListHead const *  head)
Real LListKey ( ListHead const *  head)
void LListDataDestructor ( ListHead head,
void(*)(void *)  destr 
void LListFinalize ( void  )
void KDTreeFinalize ( void  )
void* StackPop ( ListHead head,
int *  ierr 
int StackPush ( ListHead head,
void *  data 
void* StackPopWithKey ( ListHead head,
Real key,
int *  ierr 
int StackPushWithKey ( ListHead head,
void *  data,
Real const  key 
ListHead* StackCreate ( int *  ierr,
int const  prealloc 
void StackFree ( ListHead head)