memtrack.H File Reference

#include <cstdlib>

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#define callocMT(a_a, a_b)   calloc (a_a, a_b)
#define reallocMT(a_a, a_b)   realloc(a_a, a_b)
#define mallocMT(a_a)   malloc (a_a)
#define freeMT(a_a)   free (a_a)


void AddTrack (void *a_addr, size_t a_asize, const char *a_fname, int a_lnum, bool a_malloc)
void RemoveTrack (void *a_addr, bool a_malloc)

Define Documentation

#define callocMT ( a_a,
a_b   )     calloc (a_a, a_b)

#define reallocMT ( a_a,
a_b   )     realloc(a_a, a_b)

#define mallocMT ( a_a   )     malloc (a_a)

Referenced by blockWrite(), and write().

#define freeMT ( a_a   )     free (a_a)

Referenced by blockWrite(), and write().

Function Documentation

void AddTrack ( void *  a_addr,
size_t  a_asize,
const char *  a_fname,
int  a_lnum,
bool  a_malloc 
) [inline]

void RemoveTrack ( void *  a_addr,
bool  a_malloc 
) [inline]

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