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#include <ArrayViewData.H>

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Detailed Description

Special LayoutData type for use with ArrayView.

ArrayViewData is a wrapper around LayoutData for BaseFab<Real> or FArrayBox for use in ArrayView. It provides random access to the individual FABs and the ability to directly set the data in them. It is intended to work only in ArrayView. Any other attept to use this class is unsupported.

Public Member Functions

 ArrayViewData ()
 ~ArrayViewData ()
 ArrayViewData (LayoutData< BaseFab< Real > > *a_layoutdata_ptr)
 ArrayViewData (LayoutData< FArrayBox > *a_layoutdata_ptr)
BaseFab< Real > & operator[] (int a_elem)
 Access a single FAB in the LayoutData using its internal index.
void set (int a_elem, BaseFab< Real > *a_fab_ptr)
 Substitute a different FAB into the LayoutData.

Private Attributes

LayoutData< BaseFab< Real > > * m_layoutdata_ptr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ArrayViewData::ArrayViewData (  )  [inline]

ArrayViewData::~ArrayViewData (  )  [inline]

ArrayViewData::ArrayViewData ( LayoutData< BaseFab< Real > > *  a_layoutdata_ptr  )  [inline]

ArrayViewData::ArrayViewData ( LayoutData< FArrayBox > *  a_layoutdata_ptr  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

BaseFab<Real>& ArrayViewData::operator[] ( int  a_elem  )  [inline]

Access a single FAB in the LayoutData using its internal index.

References m_layoutdata_ptr.

void ArrayViewData::set ( int  a_elem,
BaseFab< Real > *  a_fab_ptr 
) [inline]

Substitute a different FAB into the LayoutData.

The caller is responsible for managing the memory used by the FAB that is being replaced.

References m_layoutdata_ptr.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by operator[](), and set().

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