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#include <DerivStencil.H>

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Detailed Description

class to encapsulate the operations to create derivs on irreg stencils

DerivStencil is meant to be used to encapsulate the information necessary to take finite difference derivatives at a point in space. Every point in the stencil has a weight. You add them (the boxarrayindex and the weight) at the same time and you can manipulate the weights enmasse by real number operations. Stencils may not interact with each other with the same sort of arithmetic because that would bring up issues as to what to do when there is incomplete intersection between the stencils.

Public Member Functions

void define ()
bool isDefined () const
 DerivStencil ()
 DerivStencil (const DerivStencil &a_dsin)
 ~DerivStencil ()
void clear ()
int size () const
const IntVectgetIndex (int a_ivec) const
const RealgetWeight (int a_ivec) const
void accumulate (const IntVect &a_iv, Real a_weight)
const DerivStenciloperator= (const DerivStencil &a_dsin)
const DerivStenciloperator*= (Real a_facin)
const DerivStenciloperator/= (Real a_denom)
const DerivStenciloperator+= (Real a_facin)
const DerivStenciloperator-= (Real a_facin)

Protected Attributes

Vector< IntVectm_vectIV
Vector< Realm_vectWgt
bool isdefined

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DerivStencil::DerivStencil (  ) 

default constructor; creates empty vectors

DerivStencil::DerivStencil ( const DerivStencil a_dsin  ) 

copy constructor; sets *this = a_dsin

DerivStencil::~DerivStencil (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void DerivStencil::define (  ) 

bool DerivStencil::isDefined (  )  const [inline]

return true if any define function been called.

References isdefined.

void DerivStencil::clear (  ) 

make derivstencil empty

int DerivStencil::size (  )  const

return length of vectors

const IntVect& DerivStencil::getIndex ( int  a_ivec  )  const

get iv at ivec

const Real& DerivStencil::getWeight ( int  a_ivec  )  const

get weight at ivec

void DerivStencil::accumulate ( const IntVect a_iv,
Real  a_weight 

add another set if the IntVect is not in the stencil already. \ Add the weight to the existing weight otherwise**

const DerivStencil& DerivStencil::operator= ( const DerivStencil a_dsin  ) 

assignment operator

const DerivStencil& DerivStencil::operator*= ( Real  a_facin  ) 

Multiply each weight by a_facin does nothing if vectors are of zero length

const DerivStencil& DerivStencil::operator/= ( Real  a_denom  ) 

divide each weight by a_denom does nothing if vectors are of zero length. Be advised --- This function does no checking to see if a_denom is close to zero.

const DerivStencil& DerivStencil::operator+= ( Real  a_facin  ) 

add a_facin to each weight does nothing if vectors are of zero length

const DerivStencil& DerivStencil::operator-= ( Real  a_facin  ) 

subtract a_facin from each weight does nothing if vectors are of zero length

Member Data Documentation

bool DerivStencil::isdefined [protected]

Referenced by isDefined().

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