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#include <SineIF.H>

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This implicit function specifies a sine function given constants x0, y0 A (magnitude) F (frequency (first two comps)) 2d: f(x,y) = y - y0 + A*sin(pi*F(x-x0)) 3d: f(x,y,z) = z - z0 + A0*sin(pi*F0(x-x0))+ A1*sin(pi*F1(y-y0))

Public Member Functions

 SineIF (const RealVect &a_A, const RealVect &a_point, const RealVect &a_F, const bool &a_inside)
virtual ~SineIF ()
virtual Real value (const IndexTM< int, SpaceDim > &a_partialDerivative, const IndexTM< Real, SpaceDim > &a_point) const
virtual Real value (const RealVect &a_point) const
virtual Real value (const IndexTM< Real, SpaceDim > &a_point) const
virtual BaseIFnewImplicitFunction () const

Protected Attributes

RealVect m_A
RealVect m_point
RealVect m_F
bool m_inside
RealVect m_factor
RealVect m_piF

Private Member Functions

 SineIF ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SineIF::SineIF ( const RealVect a_A,
const RealVect a_point,
const RealVect a_F,
const bool &  a_inside 

last comp of frequency ignored 2d: point = (x0, y0) freq = (f0, f1) f(x,y) = y - y0 + A0*sin(pi*f0(x-x0)) 3d: point = (x0, y0, z0) freq = (f0, f1, f2) f(x,y,z) = z - z0 + A0*sin(pi*(x-x0)) + A1*sin(pi*(y*y0))

virtual SineIF::~SineIF (  )  [inline, virtual]


SineIF::SineIF (  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

virtual Real SineIF::value ( const IndexTM< int, SpaceDim > &  a_partialDerivative,
const IndexTM< Real, SpaceDim > &  a_point 
) const [virtual]

virtual Real SineIF::value ( const RealVect a_point  )  const [virtual]

Return the value of the function at a_point. When delineating a domain, the level set value=0 represents the boundary and value<0 is inside the fluid.

Implements BaseIF.

virtual Real SineIF::value ( const IndexTM< Real, SpaceDim > &  a_point  )  const [virtual]

virtual BaseIF* SineIF::newImplicitFunction (  )  const [virtual]

Return a newly allocated derived class. The responsibility for deleting the memory is left to the calling function.

Implements BaseIF.

Member Data Documentation

RealVect SineIF::m_A [protected]

RealVect SineIF::m_F [protected]

bool SineIF::m_inside [protected]

RealVect SineIF::m_piF [protected]

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