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#include <Moments.H>

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Detailed Description

class edgeMo/////////////////////////////////// This class stores data about an edge of a control volume

Public Member Functions

 edgeMo ()
void define (const RealVect &a_loPt, const RealVect &a_hiPt, const bool &a_intersectLo, const int &a_direction, const bool &a_covered, const bool &a_regular, const bool &a_dontKnow)
RealVect getLo () const
 access member data
RealVect getHi () const
bool getIntersectLo () const
Real getEdgeLength () const
RealVect getEdgeCentroid () const
bool isCovered () const
bool isRegular () const
bool dontKnow () const
int direction () const
Real moment (const IntVect &a_exponent) const
 integrate monomial

Private Attributes

RealVect m_Lo
RealVect m_Hi
bool m_intersectLo
Real m_edgeLength
RealVect m_edgeCentroid
bool m_covered
bool m_regular
bool m_dontKnow
int m_varOfInt

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

edgeMo::edgeMo (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void edgeMo::define ( const RealVect a_loPt,
const RealVect a_hiPt,
const bool &  a_intersectLo,
const int &  a_direction,
const bool &  a_covered,
const bool &  a_regular,
const bool &  a_dontKnow 

RealVect edgeMo::getLo (  )  const

access member data

RealVect edgeMo::getHi (  )  const

bool edgeMo::getIntersectLo (  )  const

Real edgeMo::getEdgeLength (  )  const

RealVect edgeMo::getEdgeCentroid (  )  const

bool edgeMo::isCovered (  )  const

bool edgeMo::isRegular (  )  const

bool edgeMo::dontKnow (  )  const

int edgeMo::direction (  )  const

Real edgeMo::moment ( const IntVect a_exponent  )  const

integrate monomial

Member Data Documentation

bool edgeMo::m_intersectLo [private]

bool edgeMo::m_covered [private]

bool edgeMo::m_regular [private]

bool edgeMo::m_dontKnow [private]

int edgeMo::m_varOfInt [private]

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