CubedSphereSolidBlockCS Class Reference

#include <CubedSphereSolidBlockCS.H>

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Detailed Description

Basic single-panel cubed sphere Coordinates Multiblock coordinate system for single block of solid cubed sphere. The CubedSphereSolidBlockCS class implements the NewFourthOrderCoordSys class for solid cubed sphere block.

Public Member Functions

 CubedSphereSolidBlockCS (int a_blockID, const RealVect &a_dxVect, const Box &a_bx)
void setR0 (Real a_r0)
Real getR0 () const
void setR1 (Real a_r1)
Real getR1 () const
virtual ~CubedSphereSolidBlockCS ()
RealVect realCoord (const RealVect &a_Xi) const
 given coordinate in mapped space, return its location in real space
RealVect mappedCoord (const RealVect &a_x) const
 given coordinate in real space, return its location in the mapped space
virtual Real dXdXi (const RealVect &a_Xi, int a_dirX, int a_dirXi) const
 note that a_Xi is in mapped space.
int blockID () const
 access function to block id

Protected Attributes

int m_blockID
Real m_r0
Real m_r1
RealVect m_mappedLo
int m_rCoord
int m_aCoord
int m_bCoord
RealVect m_signCoord

Static Protected Attributes

static const int XPOS = 0
static const int YPOS = 1
static const int XNEG = 2
static const int YNEG = 3
static const int ZPOS = 4
static const int ZNEG = 5
static const int CENTRAL = 6

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::CubedSphereSolidBlockCS ( int  a_blockID,
const RealVect a_dxVect,
const Box a_bx 


virtual CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::~CubedSphereSolidBlockCS (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::setR0 ( Real  a_r0  )  [inline]

References CH_assert, and m_r0.

Real CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::getR0 (  )  const [inline]

References CH_assert, and m_r0.

void CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::setR1 ( Real  a_r1  )  [inline]

References CH_assert, and m_r1.

Real CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::getR1 (  )  const [inline]

References CH_assert, and m_r1.

RealVect CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::realCoord ( const RealVect a_Xi  )  const [virtual]

given coordinate in mapped space, return its location in real space

Implements NewFourthOrderCoordSys.

RealVect CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::mappedCoord ( const RealVect a_x  )  const [virtual]

given coordinate in real space, return its location in the mapped space

Implements NewFourthOrderCoordSys.

virtual Real CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::dXdXi ( const RealVect a_Xi,
int  a_dirX,
int  a_dirXi 
) const [virtual]

note that a_Xi is in mapped space.

Implements NewFourthOrderCoordSys.

int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::blockID (  )  const [inline]

access function to block id

References m_blockID.

Member Data Documentation

const int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::XPOS = 0 [static, protected]

const int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::YPOS = 1 [static, protected]

const int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::XNEG = 2 [static, protected]

const int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::YNEG = 3 [static, protected]

const int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::ZPOS = 4 [static, protected]

const int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::ZNEG = 5 [static, protected]

const int CubedSphereSolidBlockCS::CENTRAL = 6 [static, protected]

Referenced by blockID().

Referenced by getR0(), and setR0().

Referenced by getR1(), and setR1().

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