MBVectorStencil Class Reference

#include <MBVectorStencil.H>

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Detailed Description

Class to describe a multi-block interpolation stencil.

Public Member Functions

 MBVectorStencil ()
 null constructor leaves object in undefined state.
 MBVectorStencil (RefCountedPtr< Vector< MBVectorStencilElement > > a_vec)
virtual ~MBVectorStencil ()
virtual void define (RefCountedPtr< Vector< MBVectorStencilElement > > a_vec)
const MBVectorStencilElementoperator[] (int a_ind) const
MBVectorStencilElementoperator[] (int a_ind)
int size () const

Protected Attributes

RefCountedPtr< Vector
< MBVectorStencilElement > > 
 stencil elements

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MBVectorStencil::MBVectorStencil (  ) 

null constructor leaves object in undefined state.

MBVectorStencil::MBVectorStencil ( RefCountedPtr< Vector< MBVectorStencilElement > >  a_vec  ) 


virtual MBVectorStencil::~MBVectorStencil (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void MBVectorStencil::define ( RefCountedPtr< Vector< MBVectorStencilElement > >  a_vec  )  [virtual]

const MBVectorStencilElement& MBVectorStencil::operator[] ( int  a_ind  )  const [inline]

References m_vec.

MBVectorStencilElement& MBVectorStencil::operator[] ( int  a_ind  )  [inline]

References m_vec.

int MBVectorStencil::size (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

stencil elements

Referenced by operator[]().

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