Chombo + EB + MF  3.2
MFFluxFAB Member List

This is the complete list of members for MFFluxFAB, including all inherited members.

box() const MFFluxFABinline
copy(const MFFluxFAB &a_src)MFFluxFAB
copy(const Box &RegionFrom, const Interval &destInt, const Box &RegionTo, const MFFluxFAB &source, const Interval &srcInt)MFFluxFAB
getPhase(int a_phase)MFFluxFABinline
getPhase(int a_phase) const MFFluxFABinline
getPhasePtr(int a_phase)MFFluxFABinline
linearIn(void *buf, const Box &R, const Interval &comps)MFFluxFAB
linearOut(void *buf, const Box &R, const Interval &comps) const MFFluxFAB
MFFluxFAB(const Vector< EBISBox > &a_phaseGraphs, const Box &a_region, const Vector< int > &a_nVar)MFFluxFAB
MFFluxFAB(const Box &a_region, int a_nVar)MFFluxFABinline
nComp(int a_phase) const MFFluxFABinline
numPhases() const MFFluxFABinline
operator=(const MFFluxFAB &rhs)MFFluxFABprivate
setVal(Vector< Real > a_value)MFFluxFAB
setVal(const Real &a_value)MFFluxFAB
size(const Box &R, const Interval &comps) const MFFluxFAB