Chombo + EB + MF  3.2
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MFFluxFAB Class Reference

Container for face-centered fluxes for multifluid. More...

#include <MFFluxFAB.H>

Public Member Functions

 MFFluxFAB ()
virtual ~MFFluxFAB ()
 MFFluxFAB (const Vector< EBISBox > &a_phaseGraphs, const Box &a_region, const Vector< int > &a_nVar)
void setVal (Vector< Real > a_value)
void setVal (const Real &a_value)
int nComp (int a_phase) const
int numPhases () const
const Boxbox () const
EBFluxFABgetPhase (int a_phase)
 return the single-phase EBFluxFAB More...
const EBFluxFABgetPhase (int a_phase) const
 return a const single-phase EBFluxFAB More...
EBFluxFABgetPhasePtr (int a_phase)
MFFluxFABcopy (const MFFluxFAB &a_src)
void copy (const Box &RegionFrom, const Interval &destInt, const Box &RegionTo, const MFFluxFAB &source, const Interval &srcInt)
int size (const Box &R, const Interval &comps) const
void linearOut (void *buf, const Box &R, const Interval &comps) const
void linearIn (void *buf, const Box &R, const Interval &comps)
 MFFluxFAB (const Box &a_region, int a_nVar)
 invalid but necessary for leveldata to compile More...

Static Public Member Functions

static int preAllocatable ()

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const MFFluxFAB &rhs)

Private Attributes

Vector< EBFluxFAB * > m_phase
Box m_box

Detailed Description

Container for face-centered fluxes for multifluid.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MFFluxFAB::MFFluxFAB ( )
virtual MFFluxFAB::~MFFluxFAB ( )
MFFluxFAB::MFFluxFAB ( const Vector< EBISBox > &  a_phaseGraphs,
const Box a_region,
const Vector< int > &  a_nVar 
MFFluxFAB::MFFluxFAB ( const Box a_region,
int  a_nVar 

invalid but necessary for leveldata to compile

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

void MFFluxFAB::setVal ( Vector< Real a_value)
void MFFluxFAB::setVal ( const Real a_value)
int MFFluxFAB::nComp ( int  a_phase) const

References m_phase.

int MFFluxFAB::numPhases ( ) const

References m_phase, and Vector< T >::size().

const Box& MFFluxFAB::box ( ) const

References m_box.

EBFluxFAB& MFFluxFAB::getPhase ( int  a_phase)

return the single-phase EBFluxFAB

References m_phase.

const EBFluxFAB& MFFluxFAB::getPhase ( int  a_phase) const

return a const single-phase EBFluxFAB

References m_phase.

EBFluxFAB* MFFluxFAB::getPhasePtr ( int  a_phase)

References m_phase.

MFFluxFAB& MFFluxFAB::copy ( const MFFluxFAB a_src)
void MFFluxFAB::copy ( const Box RegionFrom,
const Interval destInt,
const Box RegionTo,
const MFFluxFAB source,
const Interval srcInt 
static int MFFluxFAB::preAllocatable ( )
int MFFluxFAB::size ( const Box R,
const Interval comps 
) const
void MFFluxFAB::linearOut ( void *  buf,
const Box R,
const Interval comps 
) const
void MFFluxFAB::linearIn ( void *  buf,
const Box R,
const Interval comps 
void MFFluxFAB::operator= ( const MFFluxFAB rhs)

Member Data Documentation

Vector<EBFluxFAB*> MFFluxFAB::m_phase
Box MFFluxFAB::m_box

Referenced by box().

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