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#include <VolIndex.H>

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Detailed Description

Volume of Fluid Index.

VolIndex is a very lightweight object to be used to distinguish between volumes of fluid in a cell. We use VolIndex for array indexing. Non-trivial constructors are all private because only EBISBox is supposed to make valid volume indicies.

Public Member Functions

 VolIndex ()
virtual ~VolIndex ()
bool operator== (const VolIndex &a_vofin) const
const IntVectgridIndex () const
int cellIndex () const
bool isDefined () const
void define (const VolIndex &a_vofin)
 VolIndex (const IntVect &a_ix, const int &a_vofID)
void define (const IntVect &a_ix, const int &a_vofID)
bool operator< (const VolIndex &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const VolIndex &rhs) const
void shift (const IntVect &a_iv)
 for stencil gymnastics
int linearSize () const
void linearOut (void *const a_outBuf) const
void linearIn (const void *const inBuf)

Static Public Member Functions

static int initializeOffsets ()

Static Public Attributes

static size_t iv_offset
static size_t index_offset

Private Attributes

IntVect m_iv
int m_cellIndex
bool m_isDefined

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VolIndex::VolIndex (  )  [inline]

virtual VolIndex::~VolIndex (  )  [virtual]

VolIndex::VolIndex ( const IntVect a_ix,
const int &  a_vofID 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool VolIndex::operator== ( const VolIndex a_vofin  )  const [inline]

References m_cellIndex, and m_iv.

const IntVect & VolIndex::gridIndex (  )  const [inline]

int VolIndex::cellIndex (  )  const [inline]

bool VolIndex::isDefined (  )  const [inline]

References m_isDefined.

void VolIndex::define ( const VolIndex a_vofin  ) 

void VolIndex::define ( const IntVect a_ix,
const int &  a_vofID 
) [inline]

References m_cellIndex, m_isDefined, and m_iv.

bool VolIndex::operator< ( const VolIndex rhs  )  const [inline]

References IntVect::lexLT(), m_cellIndex, and m_iv.

bool VolIndex::operator!= ( const VolIndex rhs  )  const [inline]

int VolIndex::linearSize (  )  const

void VolIndex::linearOut ( void *const   a_outBuf  )  const

void VolIndex::linearIn ( const void *const   inBuf  ) 

static int VolIndex::initializeOffsets (  )  [static]

void VolIndex::shift ( const IntVect a_iv  )  [inline]

for stencil gymnastics

References m_iv.

Member Data Documentation

size_t VolIndex::iv_offset [static]

size_t VolIndex::index_offset [static]

int VolIndex::m_cellIndex [private]

bool VolIndex::m_isDefined [private]

Referenced by define(), and isDefined().

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