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DirichletBC Class Reference

Class to enforce homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions. More...

#include <PoissonBC.H>

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Public Member Functions

 DirichletBC ()
 Null constructor.

 DirichletBC (int dir, Side::LoHiSide sd)
 Simple constructor (sets Interval to (0,0).

 DirichletBC (int dir, Side::LoHiSide sd, const Interval &a_comps)
 Full constructor.

 ~DirichletBC ()


class DomainGhostBC

Detailed Description

Class to enforce homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions.

BoxGhostBC class implentation to enforce homogeneous dirchelet boundary conditions Recall that BoxGhostBC is a class to encapsulate the operations of ghost-cell boundary conditions at a face. If the solution is phi and the face normal direction is x, the boundary conditions usually used can be expressed as A*phi + B*dphi/dx = C. For homogeneous Dirichlet BCs, B=C=0, A= 1 These functions are only meant to be called by DomainGhostBC

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DirichletBC::DirichletBC  ) 

Null constructor.

DirichletBC::DirichletBC int  dir,
Side::LoHiSide  sd

Simple constructor (sets Interval to (0,0).

DirichletBC::DirichletBC int  dir,
Side::LoHiSide  sd,
const Interval a_comps

Full constructor.

DirichletBC::~DirichletBC  ) 


Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DomainGhostBC [friend]

Reimplemented from BoxGhostBC.

Reimplemented in InhomoDirichletBC.

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