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GDB built with DJGPP tools for MS-DOS/MS-Windows supports this mode of operation, but the event loop is suspended when the debuggee runs.


`b' cannot be used because these format letters are also used with the x command, where `b' stands for "byte"; see Examining memory.


This is a way of removing one word from the stack, on machines where stacks grow downward in memory (most machines, nowadays). This assumes that the innermost stack frame is selected; setting $sp is not allowed when other stack frames are selected. To pop entire frames off the stack, regardless of machine architecture, use return; see Returning from a function.


If a procedure call is used for instance in an expression, then this procedure is called with all its side effects. This can lead to confusing results if used carelessly.


If you choose a port number that conflicts with another service, gdbserver prints an error message and exits.


The DJGPP port of GDB uses the name `gdb.ini' instead, due to the limitations of file names imposed by DOS filesystems.


On DOS/Windows systems, the home directory is the one pointed to by the HOME environment variable.


In `gdb-20020409/gdb/refcard.ps' of the version 20020409 release.

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