Public Member Functions
Proto::CInterval Class Reference

Component-Space Interval. More...

#include <Proto_BoxData.H>

Public Member Functions

 CInterval (unsigned int a_c0, unsigned int a_c1, unsigned int a_d0=0, unsigned int a_d1=0, unsigned int a_e0=0, unsigned int a_e1=0)
 Bounds Constructor. More...
 CInterval (std::initializer_list< std::initializer_list< unsigned int >> a_lst)
 List Constructor. More...
unsigned int low (unsigned int a_comp) const
 Lower Bound. More...
unsigned int high (unsigned int a_comp) const
 Upper Bound. More...
bool contains (unsigned int a_index, unsigned int a_comp) const
 Contains Query. More...
unsigned int size (unsigned int a_comp) const
 Size Query. More...
void print () const

Detailed Description

Component-Space Interval.

Defines a subspace of tensor components. Used chiefly for copying and and linearized buffer IO. Usually the user will not need to explicitly create a CInterval. See the documentation for BoxData::copyTo for an example.

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