Proto::Shift Class Reference

Stencil Shift. More...

#include <Proto_Stencil.H>

Public Member Functions

 Shift ()
 Default Constructor.
 Shift (const Point &a_pt)
 Point Constructor. More...
template<typename... vals>
 Shift (vals... args)
 Variadic Constructor. More...


Pointshift ()
 Get Shift Point.
template<typename T >
Stencil< T > operator* (T a_coef) const
 Scalar Multiplication. More...
Shift operator* (const Shift &a_shift) const
 Convolution. More...
int & operator[] (int a_dir)
 Componentwise Access.
static Shift Basis (int a_dir, int a_scale=1)
 Basis Shift. More...
static Shift Zeros ()
 Zero Shift. More...
static Shift Ones (int a_scale=1)
 Unit Shift. More...

Detailed Description

Stencil Shift.

A shift is an alias for a Point which is used solely to provide a fluent syntax for creating Stencils. Refer to the documentation for Stencil for an illustrative example.

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