Public Member Functions
Proto::Var< T, C, MEMTYPE, D, E > Class Template Reference

Pointwise Variable. More...

#include <Proto_BoxData.H>

Public Member Functions

CUDA_DECORATION __attribute__ ((always_inline)) T &operator()(unsigned int a_c
 Pointwise Accessor. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T, unsigned int C = 1, MemType MEMTYPE = MEMTYPE_DEFAULT, unsigned char D = 1, unsigned char E = 1>
class Proto::Var< T, C, MEMTYPE, D, E >

Pointwise Variable.

Var is used for implementing pointwise operators on BoxDatas. See the documentation for forall for more information. Template parameters refer to the type and dimension of data held by the associated BoxData. See BoxData documentation.

Template Parameters
TType of data in array (bool, int, double, etc.)
CNumber of components in first data index. Defaults to 1.
DNumber of components in second data index. Defaults to 1.
ENumber of components in third data index. Defaults to 1.

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