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vtkTransformConcatenation Class Reference

#include <vtkAbstractTransform.h>

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Public Methods

void Delete ()
void Concatenate (vtkAbstractTransform *transform)
void Concatenate (const double elements[16])
void SetPreMultiplyFlag (int flag)
int GetPreMultiplyFlag ()
void Translate (double x, double y, double z)
void Rotate (double angle, double x, double y, double z)
void Scale (double x, double y, double z)
void Inverse ()
int GetInverseFlag ()
void Identity ()
void DeepCopy (vtkTransformConcatenation *transform)
int GetNumberOfTransforms ()
int GetNumberOfPreTransforms ()
int GetNumberOfPostTransforms ()
vtkAbstractTransformGetTransform (int i)
unsigned long GetMaxMTime ()
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)

Static Public Methods

vtkTransformConcatenation * New ()

Protected Methods

 vtkTransformConcatenation ()
 ~vtkTransformConcatenation ()

Protected Attributes

int InverseFlag
int PreMultiplyFlag
int NumberOfTransforms
int NumberOfPreTransforms
int MaxNumberOfTransforms

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkTransformConcatenation::vtkTransformConcatenation   [protected]

vtkTransformConcatenation::~vtkTransformConcatenation   [protected]

Member Function Documentation

vtkTransformConcatenation* vtkTransformConcatenation::New   [inline, static]

Definition at line 313 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Delete   [inline]

Definition at line 315 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Concatenate vtkAbstractTransform   transform

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Concatenate const double    elements[16]

void vtkTransformConcatenation::SetPreMultiplyFlag int    flag [inline]

Definition at line 324 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

int vtkTransformConcatenation::GetPreMultiplyFlag   [inline]

Definition at line 325 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Translate double    x,
double    y,
double    z

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Rotate double    angle,
double    x,
double    y,
double    z

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Scale double    x,
double    y,
double    z

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Inverse  

int vtkTransformConcatenation::GetInverseFlag   [inline]

Definition at line 336 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

void vtkTransformConcatenation::Identity  

void vtkTransformConcatenation::DeepCopy vtkTransformConcatenation *    transform

int vtkTransformConcatenation::GetNumberOfTransforms   [inline]

Definition at line 345 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

int vtkTransformConcatenation::GetNumberOfPreTransforms   [inline]

Definition at line 350 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

int vtkTransformConcatenation::GetNumberOfPostTransforms   [inline]

Definition at line 353 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

vtkAbstractTransform* vtkTransformConcatenation::GetTransform int    i

unsigned long vtkTransformConcatenation::GetMaxMTime  

void vtkTransformConcatenation::PrintSelf ostream &    os,
vtkIndent    indent

Member Data Documentation

int vtkTransformConcatenation::InverseFlag [protected]

Definition at line 368 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

int vtkTransformConcatenation::PreMultiplyFlag [protected]

Definition at line 369 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

vtkMatrix4x4* vtkTransformConcatenation::PreMatrix [protected]

Definition at line 371 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

vtkMatrix4x4* vtkTransformConcatenation::PostMatrix [protected]

Definition at line 372 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

vtkAbstractTransform* vtkTransformConcatenation::PreMatrixTransform [protected]

Definition at line 373 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

vtkAbstractTransform* vtkTransformConcatenation::PostMatrixTransform [protected]

Definition at line 374 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

int vtkTransformConcatenation::NumberOfTransforms [protected]

Definition at line 376 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

int vtkTransformConcatenation::NumberOfPreTransforms [protected]

Definition at line 377 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

int vtkTransformConcatenation::MaxNumberOfTransforms [protected]

Definition at line 378 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

vtkTransformPair* vtkTransformConcatenation::TransformList [protected]

Definition at line 379 of file vtkAbstractTransform.h.

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