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LayoutIterator Class Reference

An Iterator based on a BoxLayout object. More...

#include <LayoutIterator.H>

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Public Methods

 ~LayoutIterator ()
const LayoutIndexoperator() () const
LayoutIndex i () const
void operator++ ()
void incr ()
bool ok () const
void reset ()
void begin ()
void end ()


class BoxLayout

Detailed Description

An Iterator based on a BoxLayout object.

An Iterator based on a BoxLayout object. It does not support a dereferencing operation(1), since it is intended to work with all of BoxLayouts, DisjointBoxLayouts, BoxLayoutDatas LevelData's, and any object that is built on top of a BoxLayout object. LayoutIterator access the data in a BoxLayout-based object in a NON-data-parallel manner.

BoxLayout-based objects act as the Factory for the LayoutIterator.

(1) STL-speak. not critical for comprehension, but can help people familiar with STL iterators and expecting similar behaviour.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LayoutIterator::~LayoutIterator   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void LayoutIterator::begin   [inline]

void LayoutIterator::end  

skip the iterator to the end.

LayoutIndex LayoutIterator::i   const [inline]

void LayoutIterator::incr   [inline]

bool LayoutIterator::ok   const [inline]

const LayoutIndex & LayoutIterator::operator()   const [inline]

void LayoutIterator::operator++   [inline]

void LayoutIterator::reset  

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class BoxLayout [friend]

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