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TreeIntVectSet Class Reference

#include <TreeIntVectSet.H>

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Public Methods

 TreeIntVectSet ()
 TreeIntVectSet (const Box &)
 TreeIntVectSet (const TreeIntVectSet &a_sivs)
 ~TreeIntVectSet ()
void define (const Box &)
void define (const TreeIntVectSet &a_sivs)
TreeIntVectSet & operator= (const TreeIntVectSet &a_sivs)
TreeIntVectSet & operator|= (const TreeIntVectSet &a_sivs)

TreeIntVectSet & operator|= (const IntVect &a_iv)
TreeIntVectSet & operator|= (const Box &a_box)
TreeIntVectSet & operator &= (const TreeIntVectSet &s_sivs)

TreeIntVectSet & operator &= (const Box &a_box)
TreeIntVectSet & operator &= (const ProblemDomain &a_domain)
TreeIntVectSet & operator-= (const TreeIntVectSet &a_sivs)

TreeIntVectSet & operator-= (const IntVect &a_iv)
TreeIntVectSet & operator-= (const Box &a_box)
Vector< BoxcreateBoxes () const
void createBoxes (Vector< Box > &boxes, int &size) const
bool contains (const IntVect &iv) const
bool contains (const Box &box) const
TreeIntVectSet chop (int idir, int chop_pnt)
void grow (int igrow)
void grow (int idir, int igrow)
void refine (int iref=2)
void coarsen (int iref=2)
void shift (const IntVect &iv)
void clear ()
void nestingRegion (int a_radius, const Box &a_domain)
void nestingRegion (int a_radius, const ProblemDomain &a_domain)
const BoxminBox () const
bool isEmpty () const
int numPts () const
void compact () const
void recalcMinBox () const
int linearSize () const
void linearIn (const void *const inBuf)
void linearOut (void *const a_outBuf) const


class TreeIntVectSetIterator
struct Flag
class IntVectSet
void dumpTree (const TreeIntVectSet *set)

Detailed Description

Set calculus class based on trees.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TreeIntVectSet::TreeIntVectSet   [inline]

TreeIntVectSet::TreeIntVectSet const Box   [inline]

TreeIntVectSet::TreeIntVectSet const TreeIntVectSet &    a_sivs [inline]

TreeIntVectSet::~TreeIntVectSet   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

TreeIntVectSet TreeIntVectSet::chop int    idir,
int    chop_pnt

somewhat expensive, but shouldn't be ;-)

void TreeIntVectSet::clear  

void TreeIntVectSet::coarsen int    iref = 2

fast if iref is power of 2

void TreeIntVectSet::compact   const

bool TreeIntVectSet::contains const Box   box const

bool TreeIntVectSet::contains const IntVect   iv const

void TreeIntVectSet::createBoxes Vector< Box > &    boxes,
int &    size

Vector<Box> TreeIntVectSet::createBoxes   const

Returns Vector<Box> representation of this IntVectSet.

void TreeIntVectSet::define const TreeIntVectSet &    a_sivs

void TreeIntVectSet::define const Box  

void TreeIntVectSet::grow int    idir,
int    igrow


void TreeIntVectSet::grow int    igrow


bool TreeIntVectSet::isEmpty   const

void TreeIntVectSet::linearIn const void *const    inBuf

void TreeIntVectSet::linearOut void *const    a_outBuf const

int TreeIntVectSet::linearSize   const

const Box & TreeIntVectSet::minBox   const [inline]

void TreeIntVectSet::nestingRegion int    a_radius,
const ProblemDomain   a_domain

void TreeIntVectSet::nestingRegion int    a_radius,
const Box   a_domain

int TreeIntVectSet::numPts   const

TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator &= const ProblemDomain   a_domain

TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator &= const Box   a_box

TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator &= const TreeIntVectSet &    s_sivs


TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator-= const Box   a_box

TreeIntVectSet & TreeIntVectSet::operator-= const IntVect   a_iv [inline]

TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator-= const TreeIntVectSet &    a_sivs


TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator= const TreeIntVectSet &    a_sivs

TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator|= const Box   a_box

TreeIntVectSet & TreeIntVectSet::operator|= const IntVect   a_iv [inline]

TreeIntVectSet& TreeIntVectSet::operator|= const TreeIntVectSet &    a_sivs


void TreeIntVectSet::recalcMinBox   const

void TreeIntVectSet::refine int    iref = 2

fast if iref is power of 2

void TreeIntVectSet::shift const IntVect   iv

very very fast

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void dumpTree const TreeIntVectSet *    set [friend]

friend struct Flag [friend]

friend class IntVectSet [friend]

friend class TreeIntVectSetIterator [friend]

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