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Interval Struct Reference

Structure for passing component ranges in code. More...

#include <Interval.H>

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Public Methods

 Interval ()
 Interval (int a_firstComp, int a_lastComp)
void define (int a_firstComp, int a_lastComp)
int begin () const
int end () const
int size () const

Detailed Description

Structure for passing component ranges in code.

A class to encapsulate component ranges

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Interval::Interval   [inline]

Interval::Interval int    a_firstComp,
int    a_lastComp

initialize with first and last component numbers

Member Function Documentation

int Interval::begin   const [inline]

return first component number

void Interval::define int    a_firstComp,
int    a_lastComp

int Interval::end   const [inline]

return last component number

int Interval::size   const [inline]

return last - first + 1

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