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Chombo&AMRSelfGravity Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AliasDataFactory< T >
AMRFramework for Berger-Oliger timestepping for AMR
AMRLevel< TTYPE >Abstract base class for time-dependent data at a level of refinement
AMRLevelFactoryFactory class to produce an AMRLevel
AMRLevelMGClass which manages data and operations on a level for AMRSolver
AMRLevelSelfGravityAMRLevel-derived class for AMR self gravity code
AMRLevelSelfGravityFactoryAMRLevelFactory-derived Factory object for AMRLevelSelfGravity
AMRSolverClass which manages grid hierarchy and composite elliptic solution
ArenaA Virtual Base Class for Dynamic Memory Managemen
ArrayViewDataSpecial LayoutData type for use with ArrayView
BArenaA Concrete Class for Dynamic Memory Management
BaseBottomSmootherPure base class to encapsulate bottom smooth for LevelOp-derived objects
BaseFab< T >
BaseHelmholtzOpPure-virtual base Helmholtz operator class (alpha*I + div*beta*grad)
BiCGStabSmootherImplements BiCGStab as a bottom smoother for LevelOp-derived classes
BoxA Rectangular Domain on an Integer Lattice
BoxGhostBCClass to encapsulate the operations of ghost-cell boundary conditions
BoxIteratorIterates through the IntVects of a Box
BoxLayoutA not-necessarily-disjoint collective of boxes
BoxLayoutData< T >Data on a BoxLayout
BRMeshRefineClass which manages Berger-Rigoutsos grid generation
CArenaA Concrete Class for Dynamic Memory Management
CFIVSInternal Chombo class to get fine intvectset at CF interface
CFStencilClass to encapsulate coarse-fine information for AMR operations
CoarseAverageReplaces coarse level data with an average of fine level data
CodeUnitsClass to set units for computation (normally all ones)
CopierA strange but true thing to make copying from one boxlayoutdata to another fast
CornerCopierAn even stranger (than Copier) thing to copy from ghost cells to corner ghost cells
DataFactory< T >Factory object to data members of a BoxLayoutData container
DefaultDataFactory< T >Factory object to data members of a BoxLayoutData container
DenseIntVectSetDense representation implementation of IntVectSet class
DenseIntVectSetIteratorDenseIntVectSetIterator iterates over all the 'true' members of a DenseIntVectSet set
DerivStencilClass to encapsulate the operations to create derivs on irreg stencils
DirichletBCClass to enforce homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions
DisjointBoxLayoutA BoxLayout that has a concept of disjointedness
DomainGhostBCClass to enforce ghost-cell based boundary conditions
ExtrapBCClass to enforce homogeneous neumann boundary conditions
ExtrapFillPatchFills outer ghost cells by copying from inner ghost cells
FineInterpReplaces fine level data with interpolation of coarse level data
FluxBoxA FArrayBox-like container for face-centered fluxes
FourPtsGradientGradient-derived class to do 4-point gradients
GaussBCClass to enforce proper boundary conditions for the spherical collapse of a cloud
GradDivOpOperator class for computing grad(div U)
GSRBSmootherGSRB smoothing as a bottom smoother
HelmholtzOpHelmholtz operator class
HOExtrapBCClass to do extrapolation BC's
IndexTypeCell-Based or Node-Based Indices
IntervalStructure for passing component ranges in code
IntVectAn integer Vector in SpaceDim-dimensional space
IntVectSetAn irregular domain on an integer lattice
IVSIteratorIterator for an IntVectSet
LayoutData< T >Data that maintains a one-to-one mapping to the boxes in a BoxLayout
LayoutIndexAn index for LayoutIterator
LayoutIteratorAn Iterator based on a BoxLayout object
LDOperator< T >
LevelData< T >
LevelFluxRegisterLevelFluxRegister-A class to encapsulate a levels worth of flux registers
LevelGodunovLevel Godunov - really a hyperbolic level integrator
LevelMGInternal Chombo class to manage multigrid solve on a level
LevelOpPure base class to encapsulate level operations API for elliptic solvers
LevelSolverSolves elliptic equations on a level
List< T >A Doubly-Linked List Class
ListIterator< T >Iterator over a List
ListLink< T >
MayDayError-reporting Functions
MergeBoxesOnLinesClass which merges boxes in a direction without changing the overall box coverage
MeshRefineClass which manages grid generation
MGInterpInternal Chombo class to interpolate coarse level data to a fine level
NeumannBCClass to enforce homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions
NodeFArrayBoxA wrapper for an FArrayBox to contain NODE-centered data
NoOpSmootherDoes nothing as a bottom smoother
ParmParseParse Parameters From Command Line and Input Files
PhysIBCPhysical/domain initial and boundary conditions
PhysicalConstantsEncapsulates physical constants for self-gravity problem
PiecewiseLinearFillPatchFills ghost cells by linear interpolation in space and time
PiecewiseLinearFillPatchFaceFills ghost cells by linear interpolation in space and time
PoissonOpOne-sided differencing version of poisson operator
PoolPool is a class to optimize memory allocation
PP_Array< T >An Array of Objects of Type T for ParmParse
PP_CpClassPtr< T >A Smart Pointer for User-Defined Types for ParmParse
PP_CpPtr< T >: A Smart Pointer for Intrinsic or User-Defined Types for ParmParse
PP_List< T >A Doubly-Linked List for ParmParse
PP_ListIterator< T >Iterate over a List for ParmParse
PP_ListLink< T >
PP_LnClassPtr< T >A Smart Reference Counted Pointer for User-Defined Types for ParmParse
PP_LnPtr< T >A Reference Counted Smart Pointer for Intrinsic or User-Defined Types for ParmParse
PP_StringA String Class for ParmParse
ProblemDomainA class to facilitate interaction with physical boundary conditions
QuadCFInterpQuadratic coarse-fine interpolation utility
QuadCFStencilClass to encapsulate CF info for quadratic interpolation
RampIBCExample of a wedge
RealVectA Real vector in SpaceDim-dimensional space
RefCountedPtr< T >A reference-counting handle class
SelfGravityPhysicsGodonovPhysics-derived class encapsulating the self-gravity problem
ShiftIteratorClass to manage box-shifting used to enforce periodic BC's
SideEncapsulation of high or low side
SideIteratorIterator for low and high side
TensorCFInterpQuadratic coarse-fine interpolation utility for tensors
TensorCFIVSClass to get fine intvectset at CF interface
TensorFineStencilSetClass to encapsulate fine-level tangential gradient stencil computation
TensorOpLevelOp for Tensor solves
TreeIntVectSetIntVectSet implementation based on tree representation
Tuple< T, N >Ordered Tuples for Types T
TwoPtsGradientGradient-derived class to do two-point gradients
Vector< T >One dimensional dynamic array

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