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ParticleIO.H File Reference

#include "REAL.H"
#include "LevelData.H"
#include "Vector.H"
#include "FArrayBox.H"
#include "BinFab.H"
#include "BinItem.H"
#include "IntVectSet.H"
#include <string>

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void writeAFabASCII (std::ostream &os, const FArrayBox &fab)
void WriteAMRHierarchyASCII (const string &filename, const Vector< DisjointBoxLayout > &a_vectGrids, const Vector< LevelData< FArrayBox > * > &a_vectData, const Vector< LevelData< BinFab< BinItem > * > * > &a_vectParticles, const Vector< string > &a_vectNames, const Box &a_domain, const Real &a_dx, const Real &a_dt, const Real &a_time, const Vector< int > &a_vectRatio, const int &a_numLevels)
int incrementParticleList (List< BinItem > &a_particleList, const BaseFab< BinItem > &a_binFab)
 helper function

Function Documentation

int incrementParticleList List< BinItem > &  a_particleList,
const BaseFab< BinItem > &  a_binFab

helper function

void writeAFabASCII std::ostream &  os,
const FArrayBox fab

void WriteAMRHierarchyASCII const string &  filename,
const Vector< DisjointBoxLayout > &  a_vectGrids,
const Vector< LevelData< FArrayBox > * > &  a_vectData,
const Vector< LevelData< BinFab< BinItem > * > * > &  a_vectParticles,
const Vector< string > &  a_vectNames,
const Box a_domain,
const Real a_dx,
const Real a_dt,
const Real a_time,
const Vector< int > &  a_vectRatio,
const int &  a_numLevels

Writes hierarchy of levels in ASCII format.

{ Arguments:}\ filename : file to output to.\ a_vectGrids : grids at each level.\ a_vectData : data at each level.\ a_vectNames: names of variables.\ a_domain : domain at coarsest level.\ a_dx : grid spacing at coarsest level.\ a_dt : time step at coarsest level.\ a_time : time.\ a_vectRatio : refinement ratio at all levels (ith entry is refinement ratio between levels i and i + 1).\ a_numLevels : number of levels to output.\

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