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RegionGather.H File Reference
#include "IntVect.H"
#include "REAL.H"
#include "LayoutData.H"
#include "DisjointBoxLayout.H"
#include "ProblemDomain.H"
#include <list>
#include "SPMD.H"
#include "CH_Timer.H"
#include "NamespaceHeader.H"
#include "RegionGatherI.H"
#include "NamespaceFooter.H"
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class  GatherObject< T >
 return object for the regionGather function More...
class  RegionGather
 Data coordination class for the regionGather function. More...
class  RegionGather::Message




template<class T >
void regionGather (const LayoutData< T > &a_local, const RegionGather &a_copier, LayoutData< Vector< GatherObject< T > > > &a_gatherObjects)
 Function performs a distance cut-off gather operation. More...

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template<class T >
void regionGather ( const LayoutData< T > &  a_local,
const RegionGather a_copier,
LayoutData< Vector< GatherObject< T > > > &  a_gatherObjects 

Function performs a distance cut-off gather operation.

the input a_local contains a value of T for every Box in the BoxLayout.

the output a_gatherObjects contains all the T objects within the constraints established by the RegionGather object, and the center seperation of their respective Boxes.

References LayoutIterator::begin(), LayoutData< T >::boxLayout(), CH_TIME, LayoutData< T >::dataIterator(), BoxLayout::define(), RegionGather::Message::destIndex, RegionGather::Message::distance, gather(), RegionGather::m_local, RegionGather::m_messages, GatherObject< T >::m_offset, GatherObject< T >::m_value, GatherBuffer::message, LayoutIterator::ok(), Vector< T >::push_back(), Vector< T >::resize(), and Vector< T >::size().