Chombo + EB  3.2
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EB_TYPEDEFS.H File Reference
#include "CH_EBIS_ORDER.H"
#include "IndexedMoments.H"
#include "MomentIterator.H"
#include "NamespaceHeader.H"
#include "NamespaceFooter.H"
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#define _EB_TYPEDEFS_H_
 meant to be overridden at compile time if necessary More...


typedef IndexedMoments< SpaceDim, CH_EBIS_ORDERIndMomSpaceDim
typedef IndexedMoments< SpaceDim-1, CH_EBIS_ORDERIndMomSDMinOne
typedef IndexTM< int, SpaceDimIvSpaceDim
typedef IndexTM< int, SpaceDim-1 > IvSDMinOne
typedef IndexTM< Real, SpaceDimRvSpaceDim
typedef IndexTM< Real, SpaceDim-1 > RvSDMinOne
typedef MomentIterator< SpaceDim-1, CH_EBIS_ORDERMomItSDMinOne
typedef MomentIterator< SpaceDim, CH_EBIS_ORDERMomItSpaceDim

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#define _EB_TYPEDEFS_H_

meant to be overridden at compile time if necessary

Typedef Documentation

◆ IndMomSpaceDim

◆ IndMomSDMinOne

◆ IvSpaceDim

typedef IndexTM<int, SpaceDim> IvSpaceDim

◆ IvSDMinOne

typedef IndexTM<int, SpaceDim-1> IvSDMinOne

◆ RvSpaceDim

◆ RvSDMinOne

◆ MomItSDMinOne

◆ MomItSpaceDim