Chombo + EB + MF  3.2
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IndexedMomentsImplem.H File Reference
#include "MomentIterator.H"
#include "EB_TYPEDEFS.H"
#include "IndexTM.H"
#include "Factorial.H"
#include "CH_Timer.H"
#include "parstream.H"
#include <map>
#include <utility>
#include "NamespaceHeader.H"
#include "NamespaceFooter.H"
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template<int Dim, int ORDER>
void checkMoments (IndexedMoments< Dim, ORDER > &a_moments, Vector< IndexTM< int, Dim > > &a_bogusPowers, const Real &a_dx, const Real &a_tolerance, const bool &a_ebMoment, const bool &a_bindMoments)
template<int Dim>
bool allPositive (const IndexTM< int, Dim > &a_index)

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◆ checkMoments()

template<int Dim, int ORDER>
void checkMoments ( IndexedMoments< Dim, ORDER > &  a_moments,
Vector< IndexTM< int, Dim > > &  a_bogusPowers,
const Real a_dx,
const Real a_tolerance,
const bool &  a_ebMoment,
const bool &  a_bindMoments 

Moments are centered at the center of the cell. For each of these moments I shift them to the lowest corner of the cell, where I know what the bounds of the integrals is (lower bound always zero, upper bound = dx^d dx^px dx^py dx^pz If the shifted moment is out of bounds, I bound it throw a message. tolerance is about verbosity.

References CH_IM_MAX_POWER, IndexedMoments< Dim, P >::getMoment(), MomentIterator< D, P >::ok(), MomentIterator< D, P >::reset(), IndexTM< T, N >::setAll(), IndexedMoments< Dim, P >::shift(), and IndexTM< T, N >::sum().

Referenced by POW().

◆ allPositive()

template<int Dim>
bool allPositive ( const IndexTM< int, Dim > &  a_index)

return true if all of a_index >= 0, false otherwise

References IndexedMoments< Dim, P >::indexOf().

Referenced by IndexedMoments< SpaceDim, CH_EBIS_ORDER >::indexOf(), and POW().