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Stencil.H File Reference
#include "ProblemDomain.H"
#include <map>
#include "NamespaceHeader.H"
#include "NamespaceFooter.H"
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class  IndexML
class  StencilTensorValue


#define _STENCIL_H_
#define STENCIL_MAX_DOF   3
#define CHECK_DOF   if (m_dof<=0) MayDay::Abort("StencilTensorValue dot defined");


typedef std::map< IndexML, StencilTensorValueStencilTensor
typedef std::pair< IndexML, StencilTensorValueStencilNode


void StencilProject (IndexML jiv, Vector< StencilNode > &a_new, StencilTensor &a_sten)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define _STENCIL_H_


#define STENCIL_MAX_DOF   3


#define CHECK_DOF   if (m_dof<=0) MayDay::Abort("StencilTensorValue dot defined");

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◆ StencilTensor

◆ StencilNode

typedef std::pair<IndexML,StencilTensorValue > StencilNode

Function Documentation

◆ StencilProject()

void StencilProject ( IndexML  jiv,
Vector< StencilNode > &  a_new,
StencilTensor a_sten