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LevelData.H File Reference

#include "IntVect.H"
#include "BoxLayoutData.H"
#include "DisjointBoxLayout.H"
#include "Copier.H"
#include "SPMD.H"
#include "LevelDataI.H"

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template<class T>
void aliasLevelData (LevelData< T > &a_alias, LevelData< T > *a_original, const Interval &a_interval)
 Data over a disjoint union of rectangles.

Function Documentation

template<class T>
void aliasLevelData LevelData< T > &  a_alias,
LevelData< T > *  a_original,
const Interval a_interval

Data over a disjoint union of rectangles.

a_alias aliased LevelData<T> object. original data in a_alias is destroyed and new aliasing role assumed.
a_original pointer to LevelData<T> that will be aliased.
a_interval range of components of each T in a_original that will be created in the a_alias argument.
LevelData<FArrayBox> original(dbl, 4, 2*IntVect::Unit);
Interval             subcomps(2, 3);
LevelData<FArrayBox> alias;
aliasLevelData<FArrayBox>(alias, &original, subcomps);
// component 0 of every FArrayBox in alias references the same data as
// component 2 in original

The template class T must have an 'alias' constructor

class A
  A(const Interval& subcomps, A& original);// alias constructor

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