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RefCellTagger.H File Reference

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "LevelData.H"
#include "FArrayBox.H"
#include "IntVectSet.H"
#include "Vector.H"
#include "REAL.H"

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enum  RefineMode { FIX, AND, OR }

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum RefineMode

Class that tag cells that need to be refined based on various criteria: a_useRefineShocks - whether shocks ... a_useRefineJeansLength - ... Jeans length ... a_useRefineOverDensity - ... overdensity ... a_useRefineGradient - ... gradient should be refined Theresholds: a_presJumpThreshold a_cellMassThreshold a_jeansResolThreshold a_gradientThreshold Parameters: a_gradVarInterval - interval for which to compute the grad

Enumeration values:

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