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MFIndexSpace Class Reference

#include <MFIndexSpace.H>

Public Member Functions

 MFIndexSpace ()
 ~MFIndexSpace ()
void define (const Box &a_domain, const RealVect &a_origin, const Real &a_dx, const Vector< GeometryService *> &a_geoservers, int a_nCellMax=-1, int a_maxCoarsenings=-1, bool a_fixOnlyFirstPhaseRegNextToMultiValued=false)
void fillEBISLayout (Vector< EBISLayout > &a_ebis, const DisjointBoxLayout &a_grids, const Box &a_domain, const int &nghost) const
void fillEBISLayout (EBISLayout &a_ebis, int phase, const DisjointBoxLayout &a_grids, const Box &a_domain, const int &nghost) const
int numPhases () const
const EBIndexSpaceEBIS (int a_phase) const
IntVectSet interfaceRegion (int a_depth=0) const

Private Member Functions

 MFIndexSpace (const MFIndexSpace &)
 disallowed... More...
MFIndexSpaceoperator= (const MFIndexSpace &)

Private Attributes

Vector< EBIndexSpace * > m_ebis

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MFIndexSpace() [1/2]

MFIndexSpace::MFIndexSpace ( )

◆ ~MFIndexSpace()

MFIndexSpace::~MFIndexSpace ( )

◆ MFIndexSpace() [2/2]

MFIndexSpace::MFIndexSpace ( const MFIndexSpace )


Member Function Documentation

◆ define()

void MFIndexSpace::define ( const Box a_domain,
const RealVect a_origin,
const Real a_dx,
const Vector< GeometryService *> &  a_geoservers,
int  a_nCellMax = -1,
int  a_maxCoarsenings = -1,
bool  a_fixOnlyFirstPhaseRegNextToMultiValued = false 

a_geoservers contains a GeometryService per fluid phase.

If a_ncellMax is set, that is the max width of an internal grid. Otherwise use defaults of (16 in 3D, 64 in 2d)

◆ fillEBISLayout() [1/2]

void MFIndexSpace::fillEBISLayout ( Vector< EBISLayout > &  a_ebis,
const DisjointBoxLayout a_grids,
const Box a_domain,
const int &  nghost 
) const

◆ fillEBISLayout() [2/2]

void MFIndexSpace::fillEBISLayout ( EBISLayout a_ebis,
int  phase,
const DisjointBoxLayout a_grids,
const Box a_domain,
const int &  nghost 
) const

◆ numPhases()

int MFIndexSpace::numPhases ( ) const

References m_ebis, and Vector< T >::size().

◆ EBIS()

const EBIndexSpace* MFIndexSpace::EBIS ( int  a_phase) const

References interfaceRegion(), and m_ebis.

◆ interfaceRegion()

IntVectSet MFIndexSpace::interfaceRegion ( int  a_depth = 0) const

returns an IntVectSet that is the union of all the irregular cells in the entire MFIndexSpace. Useful for initializing a multifluid calculation.

Referenced by EBIS().

◆ operator=()

MFIndexSpace& MFIndexSpace::operator= ( const MFIndexSpace )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_ebis

Vector<EBIndexSpace*> MFIndexSpace::m_ebis

Referenced by EBIS(), and numPhases().

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