Chombo + EB + MF  3.2
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MFRemapper Class Reference

#include <MFRemapper.H>

Public Member Functions

 MFRemapper ()
virtual ~MFRemapper ()
void remap (const MFIndexSpace &a_sourceMF, const LevelData< MFCellFAB > &a_source, const MFIndexSpace &a_destMF, LevelData< MFCellFAB > &a_dest) const
void remap (const MFIndexSpace &a_MF, const ProblemDomain &a_domainCoar, const ProblemDomain &a_domainFine, const LevelData< MFCellFAB > &a_source, const LevelData< MFCellFAB > &a_coarse, const int &nref, const int &nghost, LevelData< MFCellFAB > &a_dest)

Detailed Description

This class is used by the time-dependent aspects of MFChombo. This class handles the process of mapping the state data within one LevelData<MFCellFAB> based on one MFIndexSpace, to a whole new LevelData<MFCellFAB> based on a different MFIndexSpace.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MFRemapper()

MFRemapper::MFRemapper ( )

◆ ~MFRemapper()

virtual MFRemapper::~MFRemapper ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ remap() [1/2]

void MFRemapper::remap ( const MFIndexSpace a_sourceMF,
const LevelData< MFCellFAB > &  a_source,
const MFIndexSpace a_destMF,
LevelData< MFCellFAB > &  a_dest 
) const

Remap operation that takes an existing state data the source MFIndexSpace and maps it too the same DisjointBoxLayout but with a new MFIndexSpace.

The new MFIndexSpace is usually the result an interface movement operation, followed by some form of LevelSet computation. At the end of this, a new MFIndexSpace is created. The current state data needs to be mapped into a new LevelData<MFCellFAB> based on this new MFIndexSpace. The DisjointBoxLayouts from a_source and a_dest are assumed to be identical. Thus, no coarse-fine AMR operations are performed.

◆ remap() [2/2]

void MFRemapper::remap ( const MFIndexSpace a_MF,
const ProblemDomain a_domainCoar,
const ProblemDomain a_domainFine,
const LevelData< MFCellFAB > &  a_source,
const LevelData< MFCellFAB > &  a_coarse,
const int &  nref,
const int &  nghost,
LevelData< MFCellFAB > &  a_dest 

Regridding version of remapping operation. Same MFIndexSpace, same state data, different grid configurations. This routine is usually called after a MeshRefine operation.

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